Urgent Life Support Services

Constellis: During decommissioning and evacuation of the Constellis mission in Afghanistan, ZHG provided housing for 360 Ugandans and Constellis expat employees at a time with very little notice. Alongside housing, ZHG provided meals, laundry, internet, gym, and medical services that included PCR testing and X-Ray capability within the compound.

Prior to the collapse of Afghanistan, ZHG received an urgent requirement for the provision of a refugee processing center, a biometric and registration center, and housing for 4000 Canadian allies in Kabul.  ZHG was able to build a separate village for the Canadian allies within a week. The scope of work for this requirement included the pickup of local national allies from the Canadian Embassy and transport to ZV, to provide biometric & registration services, housing, meals, laundry, recreational facilities, and medical services (PCR, Blood tests, and X-Rays). Once processing was complete, all personnel were transported to the airport for departure.