MoI & MoD Network Operation Center O&M

ZHG provided operations and maintenance (O&M) and supported networking services for the MoI and MOD Information Communications Technology (ICT) office, the communications directorate for MoI and MoD. ZHG operated and maintained the existing network infrastructure, assisted with ongoing site expansions, provided improved cybersecurity capabilities, ensured all bandwidth links were functioning and maintained all supporting equipment (air conditioners and UPS) above 90% of the connection capability. The MoI and MoD required command and control connectivity to send emails, conduct Video Teleconferences (VTCs) and conduct research with other Ministries and outside agencies. It was also the intent of the U. S. Government to transition this contract in phases to an on-budget Afghan managed contract. ZHG was working with the U. S. Government in the identification of services to be transferred on-budget that included a transition plan to be implemented in phases that complement continuity of operations with minimal impact. In addition, ZHG provided 450+ certified IT engineers for the IT offices of MoI and MoD across Afghanistan under contract numbers W15P7T-17-D-0146/005 and W15P7T-17-D-0146/004.