TBCC has been building and maintaining projects in Afghanistan for 10+ years. Our professional team includes local and foreign engineers and builders who specialize in the construction of buildings, barriers, roadways, Bridges, Pools and Canals. 

Our team provides an broad range of construction services, we execute short and long-term construction projects, life support services, network infrastructure, large scale civil engineering and power solution projects.  

Additionally,  the company performs Building Construction, Containerized Office Buildings, Connex’s, latrines, Sand Bag Assembly, Cement Walls, Barriers (T-Walls, Bunkers, Jersey Barriers), Gabion Walls, Barbet Walls, and assembly of Guard Towers.


  • Design & Build
  • Engineering
  • Infrastructure
  • High Way & Road Way Construction


  • Construction material production
  • Construction material supply¬†

System Installation & Maintenance

  • Installation & Maintenance of Rectifiers, Inverters, Batteries
  • Generators(Renewable Energy, Solar)
  • HVAC (Large Fans, Coolers, Chillers, Heaters)
  • Security Alarms
  • Fire Detection System
  • Lighting System
  • Water System
  • Power System
  • Fencing and Barriers
  • CCTV Installation and Maintenance

TBCC has provided construction services for 10 government contracts, in addition to its other clients. These contracts include:

  • Design/build and construction of Zohak Village compound
  • Rehabilitation of Lot 219 Yak Bazar Righ Side of Protection Wall Site Bamyan Province
  • Rehabilitation of irrigation Canal Jandragal Olia, Jandragal Sufla and Deshtaq Wash in Shibar Bamyan province
  • Improvement of Chal Gazy Irrigation Shceme in Shal Gazy Village of Dhbadi District in Balkh Province
  • Construction of Two Story Guard Tower, one Story Watch Room and protection Wall in Dare-Sofe Comman of Samangan Province
  • Tetra Tech Villa Security upgrade Second Phase in Kabul Province(Green Zone)
  • Construction of Bamsary Canal in Bamyan Province.  
  • Supply and installation of 40 FT Storage Containers with Racking-AMS