Urgent Life Support Services

Prior to the collapse of Afghanistan, ZHG received an urgent requirement for the provision of a refugee processing center, a biometric and registration center, and housing for 4000 Canadian allies in Kabul.

Basic Life Support

ZHG has a fully functioning and secure compound, Zohak Village (ZV), to house expatriates in Kabul. ZV is adjacent to Hamid Karzai International Airport (HKIA) and near the international and military terminals.

Construction of Pol e Charkhi Female Living Area

ZHG provided all supervision, labor, materials, equipment, supplies, and transportation necessary to implement Project 35AL KFPDC Female Living Area, which was one‐story building that housed female prisoners in the Pol e Charkkhi Prison Kabul.

MoI & MoD Network Operation Center O&M

ZHG provided operations and maintenance (O&M) and supported networking services for the MoI and MOD Information Communications Technology (ICT) office, the communications directorate for MoI and MoD

US Embassy Kabul CCTV Installation and Maintenance

ZHG provided a complete replacement of the CCTV solution, expansion and operation into the US Embassy Kabul. ZHG provided expertise, supervision, labor, tools, and equipment to install and maintain CCTVs in US Embassy Kabul.

US Embassy Fiber Trenching

ZHG provided installation and maintenance of fiber optic cable from the US Embassy Kabul compound to neighboring Camp Alvarado, located in Hamid Karzai International Airport, and a private connection for Terminal 2 to CUPPS at Camp Alvarado

Afghanistan Life Support Services (ALiSS)

ZHG was awarded the provision of Food Service labor for the US Embassy Cafeteria in Kabul. Despite rigorous time constraints, ZHG successfully hired and transitioned 103 Third-Country Nationals (TCNs) and 180+ Local National (LNs). Alongside the provision of labor