Afghan National Army Strategic Network Expansion and MoI NOC & JOC Expansion

Afghan National Army Strategic Network Expansion:

The scope of work included purchasing equipment from manufacturers and importing that equipment from the manufacturing country to Afghanistan. Installation and configuration in the ZHG configuration center in Kabul were then delivered to Afghan Ministry of Defense bases across Afghanistan under contract number: MOD/G/N0025/22408/1397-4LOTS. ZHG provided certified labor for equipment installation in the bases across Afghanistan.

MoI NOC & JOC Expansion:

The new NOC was a virtualized state-of-the-art Information Technology (IT) operation support center for central data processing and storage services. ZHG conducted a complete migration and cutover of Afghan MoI functions and services from the existing network infrastructure to the new NOC network infrastructure. The new NOC functioned as the hub for the Afghan MoI network systems, backbone, and operating domain. The JOC in the National Police Command Center (NPCC) was a complete build-out of a technical infrastructure which included state-of-the-art Audio/Video (A/V) and Wall of Knowledge capabilities to support all Afghan MoI functions and operations. The SOW included the purchase of Equipment from Manufacturers, transportation to Afghanistan from the Manufacturing country, installation, and configuration on MOI HQ under contract number: W52P1J-13-D-0107.